GO InterNational Staff

The staff at GO are united in our mission: to see the Great Commission fulfilled. We want to see the international community of Christ united; a holistic view of the Body of Christ.

Ron Houp
President & CEO

Robin Gericke
Director of Marketing Communications

Lisa Wiehe
Office and Finance Manager

Dr. Larry Frick
Director of Medical Missions

Larry Cochran
Director of Latin American Ministry


Anna Carman
Administrative Assistant

Larry Montgomery
Director of Team Ministries


 Ron and Bonnie              Koteskey           Missionary Care


Michelle Gash Mission Team Recruiter

GO Board 2019.jpg

Our Board of Directors 

Isomar Alvarez
Lexington, KY

Kevin Bish
Asbury Theological
Wilmore, KY

Dr. Cathy Bishop
Family Physician
Dorset, OH

Biff Buckley
Insurance Executive
Lexington, KY

Dr. Allen Burleson
Family Dentist
Jonesborough, TN

Travis Hamilton
One Mission Society
Greenwood, IN

Rev. Greg Haseloff
Asbury University
Wilmore, KY

Ron Houp
GO InterNational
Wilmore, KY

Anthony Humpress
Lexington, KY

Dr. Darrell Jones
Senior Pastor
St. Joseph, MO

Terry Klebes
Aurora, OH

Jonathan Morton
Greenwood, IN

Marianne Rearick
Nursing Administrator
Decatur, IN

Josh Salsburey
Lexington, KY

Eddie Sapp
Alpaca Farmer
Powell, WY

Travis Spann
Dwelling Ministries
Wilmore, KY

Rev. Keith Waldrop
Montgomery, AL

Chris Williams
Multiple Myeloma
Research Foundation
Franklin, MA