Around 31 million Kurdish people live across 13 countries, making them the world’s largest stateless people. They are one of the most unreached and unengaged people groups on earth. Watch this FAI documentary about the Kurds and the hope of Christ.

the call: open doors for go to serve in northern iraq

I have a goal to preach the gospel where they haven’t heard of Christ yet, so that I won’t be building on someone else’s foundation.                           

- Apostle Paul in Romans 15:20

“Just a few years ago, we could hardly imagine taking the Gospel into Iraq in this way. We’re thrilled that the Lord is opening the doors into this new territory!” said Ron Houp, president of GO InterNational, about this new mission initiative.

“Kurdistan in northern Iraq is a land of ancient peoples. The Kurds trace their origins to the Medes and Persians of the Old Testament. Their capital city, Erbil, was founded nearly 3,000 years ago. They’ve been Muslim for 1,300 years, but in the last few years a door has opened to reach them with the Gospel,” Houp said.  “Just as we have been seeing the church growing dramatically in many places, there is a hunger among the Kurds to know the truth.”

GO will partner with Frontier Alliance International, a mission group focused on the Middle East, to help serve this previously war-torn area. Relative peace in Kurdistan has opened the way for missionaries and short-term mission teams to serve the people, develop relationships, and bring the Gospel message. 

“We believe we stand in a unique hour of history, wherein even conservative missiologists believe the Gospel can reach the corners of the last frontier in our time,” said Dalton Thomas, director of FAI. 

“GO’s first team will arrive in Kurdistan in October. We will make contact with partners on the ground and serve alongside them in a variety of ministries,” said Larry Montgomery, director of Team Ministries at GO.  “We hope to return to Kurdistan with a medical team in April 2020 and to take service teams of all sorts in 2020 and beyond.” 

Like many of the places GO takes mission teams, acts of service such as providing medical care, assistance with clean water, and community development projects open the door to relationship. That relationship can then be the foundation for sharing the saving knowledge of Jesus and the introduction of the Gospel with hopes of establishing churches. It is a method that has been effective to improve the standard of living and share the love of Christ. 

Your support of GO makes possible this new work in Kurdistan. When you support this ministry, you are sending workers into places to help lay a Gospel foundation that will be built upon for years to come.