Larry Cochran

Director of Latin American Ministry


about Larry

Larry Cochran has served on staff with GO since 1985 and lives with his family in Wilmore, Kentucky. He is a GO InterNational Past President and currently serves as Director of Latin American Missions, specifically coordinating with Latin American partners to vision and set in motion projects designed to expand their vision in reaching others for Christ.

There are many things Larry loves about mission work.

“I love short term teams and the high impact they can have on people they come to serve and the personal life changing experience that happens to those of us who go. It is a rewarding experience to travel cross-culturally and serve in missions.”

Larry loves mixed fajita and Mexican style food and enjoys RV camping in his free time. We are extremely grateful for all Larry does for GO and for the Latin American countries he has, and continues, to serve. Please pray for Larry and the many people he shares the Gospel with.


We had a team experience when we found a nine-foot boa constrictor on the road in Peru. We took team photos with the snake and then asked the Peruvians what they planned to do with it. They responded “we will keep the skin and cook the snake for you for supper tonight.”

It was one meal I never forgot!