Planting Seeds of Hope


Over the past few years you have heard a lot about the refugee crisis, but do you really know what it looks like firsthand? GO team leader Claire Van Der Eems recently led a team to Greece to help people personally see the great need that exists. This past week, she told us a little about the trip and about that need.

While in Greece, Claire's team partnered with the Salvation Army and helped in their day center where they served 500 refugee families in need of food and other forms of assistance. They also worked with an Albanian man who started Refugees Refuge, a group who meet three times a week to make and pass out food and drinks to refugees in the darkest parts of Athens.

There are many nonprofits and volunteers working in Greece, but there are still not enough to meet the huge need in the country. While the physical need is great, the need for Christ is even greater. Claire said, "We can give food and sort clothing and do all of this outreach but if we aren't nourishing their souls, we are literally doing nothing to help them. There aren't a lot of people planting true seeds of hope in their lives." 

Please continue to pray for the many refugees and the volunteers, like Claire, who are planting seeds of hope in the lives of those they encounter. Praise God for the wonderful resources and opportunities He has given us to serve one another!