Staff Devotion: Start Small

Start Small Devotion.jpg

The GO InterNational offices are near a beautiful nature preserve called The Jessamine Creek Gorge. It is a large creek that cuts a deep limestone gorge through the southern half of our county before it empties into the Kentucky River. After a heavy rain the creek becomes a rushing river that moves with great speed and force.

The creek however, starts as a tiny nondescript spring flowing out of the ground in northern Jessamine County. Most people have never even seen this spring. It is the simple beginning of a spectacularly beautiful creek and gorge.

If Jessamine Creek remained the size of the spring it comes from, it would hardly make any impact all. But other small streams join its flow.

What starts small can turn into a powerful force.

I think our GO mission teams do the same. When people take that small step to join a team, it’s no surprise that they are handed more influence and opportunities. Again and again we have seen small acts of ministry become outpourings of God’s love and mercy.

We’ve seen many team member’s lives changed as our teams bring medical care and children’s ministry and acts of compassion among the needy. We often go on mission thinking we are bringing change, but discover that in the midst of the ministry we are changed.

God takes our trickle of effort and sacrifice and turns it into a rushing river of love, mercy, and blessing.

Look around today and see where you can start small. God may turn it into really big blessings for everyone involved.