South Asia Medical Team


Our recent team to South Asia returned excited for all they saw God do on their team. Seventeen people participated. There was a leader conference led by a group who went early to work with those focused on previously unengaged unreached people groups.  There was medical outreach that touched 1400 people. 6 villages were impacted. There is still a lot of spiritual darkness in this nation, but we saw greater openness than we’ve seen before. We saw many new believers as a result of the medical outreach which is in itself unprecedented in this unreached nation. Usually our teams are serving and loving people but the spiritual fruit comes later as our partners follow up with people in the villages. We still expect that to happen, but were blessed to see some fruit right away as well. One church planter reported that the church service the day after our team had ministered in his village was packed with new people interested in learning about Jesus!