Anna Carman

Office Administrator

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about anna

Anna is a new member of the GO team and is working on many long-term projects including planning our 2019 events! She says that her time at GO has been a joy.

The archival project I am working on has led me down a path of witnessing the rich legacy of God making Himself known through GO and its international partners. Reviewing the stories of God at work in the world has sparked my faith and laid out a tapestry of evidence that GO is a God idea. 

Fun fact about anna

My last mission trip was to Moscow, Russia, just before George W. Bush was coming for a visit. We were told this after commenting on the scaffolding surrounding St. Basil's Cathedral and the increase in armed guards around the Kremlin.

We were in Moscow to encourage the Church there. At the time I didn't recognize the significance of supporting the local church - soul winning is a more glamorous thing to tell people. Since being with GO I see that ministering to the local Church can in fact be hugely effective long term - indigenous ministers are the boots on the ground. Bringing a little wind to their sails with resources and fresh perspective can propel them for the long haul.